Friday, August 13, 2010

Physical Therapy

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy. It went really well. The pt put an ultasound heat on my ankle to help increase circulation and promote healing. It felt really good. she also showed me some exercises that I can do to stengthen the stabilzing muscles around my ankle. She told me to continue using thestationary bike and that I can also use the elliptical machine. I was excited to hear that. I hope to be able to run/walk by theend of the month... in time for my training classes with the Running Zone.

This morning I walked one mile. It took me over 20 minutes, but just walking a mile is ... well.. a milestone in my recovery. Tonight I stopped by the gym and put an hour on thestationary bike. After that I got on the elliptical machine for about 5 mins. I was ok on it, but it was a little uncomfortable. I think I will gradually introduce the elliptical machine, but am excited about being able to stat using the elliptical machine in my taining. If I can workout on the elliptical machine, I am confident that I can get back to were I was before my injury very quickly.

I am looking forward to a good workout tomorrow and will let you know how it goes. :)

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