Tuesday, August 31, 2010

a little swelling won't keep me down

OK as part of my training program I got up early this morning and walked for about 5 mins as a warm up. Then I did a 1 min jog followed by a 1 min walk 10 times. That took me to about 2 miles. in 29:20 mins. Afterward the ankle swelled just a little so I took about 10 mins to ice it before getting ready for work. Then this afternoon around 3:00 pm my ankle started swelling so much I could feel it. I had to actually take my shoe off and ice it. This hasn't happened at work for weeks. I'm thinking that is normal since I have been working more than ever since the sprain. I emailed my coach for some advice. However, that didn't stop me from doing 1 hour on the stationary bike this afternoon after work. I think the bike actually helped to get some circulation going. There is a 5 k coming up the end of the month I hope I will be able to run it. I mean really run it. I can't wait to run again... without a brace. But I am not going to let it get me down. I am going to just keep working towards my goal. Tinker Bell will see me through. :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2 miles 27:47

Ok That is certainly not my best time ... in fact it might be my worst... But I am very happy with it. I really wasn't sure I would be able to run one mile today much less 2. But I did it. I probably walked half and jogged half. And I was the last one to finish. I beat four others.

My first group run with this training class was a lot of fun. I am very excited and pleased with the progress my foot is making. I think by the end of the month I will improve greatly.

But for now I need to take it slow. There are 3 groups to the training class. Group 1 is for walk/runners. Group 2 is for run/walkers. and group 3 is for runners. Right now I am in group 1 but the coach thinks I will be in group 2 in a couple weeks and in group 3 in a few more weeks. I am anxious, but am following my coach's orders. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience not only with running but with coaching as well.

The training is back in progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

2 hour workout

Today I got in a good workout. I started out with 30 mins on the stationary bike at resistance level 9. Then I went on the teadmill. I walk/jogged at a 16:40 mile per minute pace for 2 miles. Then I got on the Elliptical machine at resistance level 9 for 30 mins. Then I finished up my workout with another 30 mins on the stationary bike at resistance level 9.

This was my first time on the treadmill since I sprained my ankle. At first it felt a little odd. The ankle did not like the jogging motion at first. I kept the pace at 16:40 at a very fast walk and every once in a while broke in to a light jog. I could only keep it up for about 5 mins at a time. But at least it is a start. I am slowly introducing it to the jogging motion. I am hopeful that within a week I will be able to do more jogging and less walking.

Tomorrow is my rest day and Sunday I meet for my first group run. We are going to have 2 mile timed runs. I know my time won't be very good but it will be interesting to see how fast I am able to go.

Of course all exercises are done with that silly brace on my foot. The dr. says to continue to wear it for another couple months when outside. I do it because I know I don't want to cause any more injury. God forbid I should roll over on it again.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

short hair make you run faster

Well at least that is what I am telling myself these days. Yesterday I went to the gym after work and put 30 mins on the stationary bike and then another 30 mins on the elliptical machine. Then I went to get my hair cut. I figure if I am going to run in the park on Sunday mornings and Thursday afternoons in this heat I need to stay as cool as possible. So I got a really short spiky hair cut... because everyone knows... Short hair makes you run faster. :)

Today my brother-in-law celebrated his 70th birthday. So after work I went out to eat and had chocolate cake. I really need to run it off, but it is late. So I guess I will have to sleep it off instead. But I plan on hitting the gym tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1/2 mile run

Yes you read that right... I said run. Ok actually more like a slow jog. But the point is I did more than a walk. I went to see my sports doctor today. I asked him when he thinks I could start running. He told me to run 1/2 mile tonight and see how is feels in the morning. If it's real sore then back off for a couple days and then try it again. If it is just a little sore (which is to be expected after not running for 4.5 weeks. ) Right now it feels ok and I am hopeful that it will be ok in the morning.

After my dr. appointment I did my normal mapped out mile. I walked abut 1/4 of it then slowly introduced a little jog. My ankle didn't like it too well so after a few steps I walked again. Then tried the little jog and got a little further. I did the walk jog thing for about 1/4 mile. Then I just took off and jogged (very slowly) the rest of the mile. I only took a couple short walk breaks. The doctor told me to slow increase my mileage and if the next morning the foot is a little too sore then to back off for a few days and work it again. He said that within 2 weeks I should be able to keep up with the 1/2 marathon training schedule. And in time I could add more miles to that.

I am very excited and eager to start my first group run, even if I will mostly be walking it. I know in time I will be running with the rest of them. :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Kickoff to training camp

Tonight I went to a kickoff meeting for my running training camp. I got to meet the coaches and see my training schedule. My first long run will be this Sunday morning. I am looking forward to it, even though I can't run yet. The coach said not to worry the he will get me up to speed. I see my sports doctor tomorrow.... I hope I can start running soon. But in the meantime the elliptical machine will be my friend. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

2 hour workout

This was my best workout to date I think... or certainly since I sprained my ankle. I put in 1 solid hour on the elliptical machine.. and I pushed it hard. I kept the resistance level between 11 and 13 the whole time. My rmp's were between 80 and 100. Then I got on the stationary bike and put in another hour. I took it a little easy on the bike keeping it at a steady resistance level 9. I am already sore.... but it is a really good sore. It's 8:30 pm and I'm off to bed. I worked hard and am going to sleep even harder. :) Oh first I think I'm going to ice my foot. It is just a little swollen and tender. but I think my workout today was good for it... it needs to toughen up and get with the program. ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stronger ankle

Yesterday I walked one mile in 20 minutes. That was my fastest mile yet since I sprained my ankle.

Today I went to the gym and rode the stationary bike for 30 mins and resistance level 9. Then I got on the elliptical machine for 30 mins at resistance level 11. It was actually easier on my ankle to go at a higher resistance because it doesn't like to move fast yet. Then I got on the stationary bike and rode for another 30 mins at resistance level 11. My legs are feeling the workout and am sure they will feel it even more in the morning. However, I was glad that my ankle did so well on the elliptical machine today. I think in another week, with the level of progress I have been showing I will be ready to start running again. Or at least walk/jog... or... what I like to call "wogging". :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I run for Pizza

No I did not have pizza today. It is not on my training diet. But the Running Zone sponsored a 5k today called "I run for Pizza". And no I did not run in the race. Unfortunately running is also not in my training program at the moment. :( However I did go see the race. My friend Rebecca beat her personal record. And David Kilgore, the son of another dear friend, won the race. It was the first time for me to watch a race... I am always running them. It was fun to see the winners reach the finish line and cheering on the other racers. However, I really wished I could be one of the racers. Running any race is just so much fun. But, soon I will be one of the racers again.

Today, after the race, I hit the gym. I had a really good workout. First I warmed up on the stationary bike for 30 mins at resistance level 9. Then after my muscles were nice and warm, but not too fatigued I decided to try the elliptical machine. I put it at resistance level 4 and took it nice and slow. I could only do about 15 minutes before my ankle started protesting and I decided not to push my luck. Then I hopped (literally) back on the stationary bike. This time I was determined to give it all I had. I pushed it hard for the first 30 mins alternating between resistance levels 9 and 11. Then the last half hour I took it a little easy at resistance levels 7 through 9. So the total workout was about 1 hour and 45 mins. Afterward I was exhausted and went home to a good nap.

I feel good about my progress today. I really put my ankle to the test with my workout and walking around at the race. I feel I should be ready to start running again in a couple weeks.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Physical Therapy

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy. It went really well. The pt put an ultasound heat on my ankle to help increase circulation and promote healing. It felt really good. she also showed me some exercises that I can do to stengthen the stabilzing muscles around my ankle. She told me to continue using thestationary bike and that I can also use the elliptical machine. I was excited to hear that. I hope to be able to run/walk by theend of the month... in time for my training classes with the Running Zone.

This morning I walked one mile. It took me over 20 minutes, but just walking a mile is ... well.. a milestone in my recovery. Tonight I stopped by the gym and put an hour on thestationary bike. After that I got on the elliptical machine for about 5 mins. I was ok on it, but it was a little uncomfortable. I think I will gradually introduce the elliptical machine, but am excited about being able to stat using the elliptical machine in my taining. If I can workout on the elliptical machine, I am confident that I can get back to were I was before my injury very quickly.

I am looking forward to a good workout tomorrow and will let you know how it goes. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First hard workout in a long time

Yes!!!! It felt good. I worked out really hard. Even though I was on a stationary bike, I felt just like I had a good run. I put the resistance up and pushed it with everything I had. I want to get my leg muscles strong for running again. And I think today was a good start. I am walking better each day which gives me hope. The ankle brace is a little uncomfortable.... but at least it doesn't beep when I leave the house... A definite plus. :)

As for my workout. I put the resistance on 11 and did 45 mins this morning and an hour this afternoon. :) And I worked it hard. The sweat was pouring off of me. When I stood up to get the sanitizer wipe to clean off my equipment I could see the beads of sweat falling to the floor. It felt good. My ankle is a little sore... mostly tender. and it is a bit swollen. But I worked it hard. Now time for a good nights sleep.

I must say it feels good to be this tired and know I worked out hard and strong. Although I am tired I also feel strong. I have the confidence to conquer this ankle and train for that marathon. :)

Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd day walking

Today I slept in but did hit the gym tonight. I spent 1.5 hours on the stationary bike. It says I burned 750 calories. My ankle was just a little swollen when I got home. I had an egg and veggie omelet and a glass of skim milk. I am looking forward to a good nights sleep and another good workout tomorrow. :) I can tell my quads got a good workout. We'll see how sore they are tomorrow morning.

Monday, August 9, 2010

ankle brace

Today I woke up bright and early and got to the gym before work. I got a half hour on the stationary bike. I tried to do anther workout after work but my ankle was too sore and I didn't want to push it. I took my scooter to work today, but once I got inside the building I mostly walked to the restroom and breakroom. I think I might have walked on it a little too much today because by the end of the day it was sore and swollen a little. I think I might have had my brace on a little too tight also. It is almost 9:00 pm and I am ready to go to bed. I plan on another early morning at the gym. I am hoping this weekend to do a long, endurance ride on the bike. It is good to be back in training. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sports Doctor

Yesterday I went to see the sports doctor. He said I should be able to walk completely on my own within a week. He wants me to start gradually walking a little more each day. He told me that I should be able to continue with my marathon training and all the scheduled events. I was soooo happy to hear that.

The doctor gave me a brace to wear with my shoe. He also wants me to do some physical therapy so I can learn some exercised to help strengthen my ankle. He told me I could use the stationary bike and that the exercise would actually help with the inflammation. He said that I should be able to do the half marathon in November but with my brace. The brace is a little bulky but not really uncomfortable. I just hope it won't bother me to run 13 miles in it. He said that by the Disney marathon I should not have to wear the brace. :)

This morning I went to the gym and did one hour on the stationary bike

Then I went with my friend to pick up another friend at the airport. It was my first day wearing a shoe and the brace. We stopped at a 7-11 and I walked in without the scooter. It was the most walking I did since the accident. But the rest of the day I used the scooter because I didn't want to push my luck and the ankle is still a little tender to walk on.

I go back to see the doctor in 2 weeks and start my physical therapy next week. It felt good to exercise again. It is good to know I can continue my training shortly and that I can train on the bike in the meantime. Soon I will be back to normal and I can't wait. :)

And of course with more training will come more posts. I'm back in the game. :)