Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First hard workout in a long time

Yes!!!! It felt good. I worked out really hard. Even though I was on a stationary bike, I felt just like I had a good run. I put the resistance up and pushed it with everything I had. I want to get my leg muscles strong for running again. And I think today was a good start. I am walking better each day which gives me hope. The ankle brace is a little uncomfortable.... but at least it doesn't beep when I leave the house... A definite plus. :)

As for my workout. I put the resistance on 11 and did 45 mins this morning and an hour this afternoon. :) And I worked it hard. The sweat was pouring off of me. When I stood up to get the sanitizer wipe to clean off my equipment I could see the beads of sweat falling to the floor. It felt good. My ankle is a little sore... mostly tender. and it is a bit swollen. But I worked it hard. Now time for a good nights sleep.

I must say it feels good to be this tired and know I worked out hard and strong. Although I am tired I also feel strong. I have the confidence to conquer this ankle and train for that marathon. :)

Sweet dreams.

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