Saturday, August 14, 2010

I run for Pizza

No I did not have pizza today. It is not on my training diet. But the Running Zone sponsored a 5k today called "I run for Pizza". And no I did not run in the race. Unfortunately running is also not in my training program at the moment. :( However I did go see the race. My friend Rebecca beat her personal record. And David Kilgore, the son of another dear friend, won the race. It was the first time for me to watch a race... I am always running them. It was fun to see the winners reach the finish line and cheering on the other racers. However, I really wished I could be one of the racers. Running any race is just so much fun. But, soon I will be one of the racers again.

Today, after the race, I hit the gym. I had a really good workout. First I warmed up on the stationary bike for 30 mins at resistance level 9. Then after my muscles were nice and warm, but not too fatigued I decided to try the elliptical machine. I put it at resistance level 4 and took it nice and slow. I could only do about 15 minutes before my ankle started protesting and I decided not to push my luck. Then I hopped (literally) back on the stationary bike. This time I was determined to give it all I had. I pushed it hard for the first 30 mins alternating between resistance levels 9 and 11. Then the last half hour I took it a little easy at resistance levels 7 through 9. So the total workout was about 1 hour and 45 mins. Afterward I was exhausted and went home to a good nap.

I feel good about my progress today. I really put my ankle to the test with my workout and walking around at the race. I feel I should be ready to start running again in a couple weeks.

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