Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another setback

Last Sunday, July 25,2010 I fell and sprained my ankle. At first I was very discouraged. It swelled up immediately so I went straight to the emergency room. The doctor there was very helpful. The first thing out of my mouth was, "This can't be happening... I have a marathon to run." The Doctor asked me when the marathon was and I replied that it is in January. He asked me if I was doing the Disney marathon and I said yes I plan to, can I still do it. He said yes you will be able to run it by then, you have plenty of time. He just said I will have to train a little differently. He referred me to a sports doctor who is supposed to get me back on the road. However he did say it could take 6 to 8 weeks before I can run again.
So they wrapped my foot up, gave me some crutches and sent me on my way. I tried walking on crutches for 2 days and decided that crutches and I do not get along. So I went to the medical supply store and they hooked me up with the scooter you see in the picture.
The scooter is awesome because I have the freedom to move around better, but I sure do miss walking. I took my scooter to work and everyone had to try it out. One girl said, "no fair you get to use a scooter." I wanted to say, "No fair you get to walk" but I held my tongue.
If I have to be off my foot the scooter is the best way to do it. I go see the sports doctor this Friday. I'll let you know what he says. Wish me luck. I am eager to get back to training.
I got my Disney hotel information in the mail the other day. I am still excited about it all, but a little sad that I can't train right now. I hope I don't lose any progress I made so far.

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  1. sorry you are hurt, but your ride is kinda cute