Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running is expensive!!!!


OK I spent a lot of money, and I'm still happy. This is a miracle in itself. I finally joined that gym and paid my first membership. BTW... I actually did have crickets chirping outside my window last night. That Damn Jiminy Cricket and the whole conscience thingy. I also paid for my race on Saturday. I paid for the Space Coast 1/2 Marathon. Now the marathon isn't until November... but why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Or something like that. And I also paid for the 1/2 marathon training camp which starts the end of August.

The training looks like a lot of fun ( I have a loose interpretation of the word "fun"). Every Sunday morning we have a 6:00 am run. Which wouldn't be too bad unless you figure the run is at least a 45 min drive away. And then a group run every Thursday evening. Oh yeah 7:00 pm evening runs in Florida during the hottest part of the year will be... well... fun. :)

But back to the business at hand. The firecracker race. So no running tomorrow. I need to save all my energy for the race. Which means no posts tomorrow.... there will be nothing to tell. But please drop by on Saturday to see the race results. :)

As for today. I took it easy. 30 mins on the elliptical. The rest of my workout was spent writing checks. My hand is sore. But my legs and knees feel fine.


  1. you DO have a twisted definition of "fun" haha

  2. Comming from my twisted sister. :)