Thursday, July 8, 2010

takin' it easy

Well I had my first little set back. My knee was a bit sore this week and so I decided to take it easy. I would rather have a little setback now rather than keep pushing it and have a bigger setback later. So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I just walked. No running at all. But today I decided to put the knee to the test. I got on the treadmill and did 4 miles in 1 hour. Not a very fast pace, but I am more interested in endurance than speed.

My knee got sore during the last 15 or 20 mins of the run, but I was determined. Afterward I did some stretching. I think that may be the key to keep from further injury. I am not very good at stretching after a run. But I think if I want to run a marathon I need to make stretching a greater priority. It's almost 2 hours after my run and my knee doesn't feel any worse than it did before the run... so I guess that means I didn't do any more damage.

The good news is that even with my little set back I am still ahead of schedule. And I think I have a good chance of making my ten mile goal by the end of July. I am hoping to run 8 miles this weekend. Wish me luck.

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