Saturday, September 18, 2010

I beat my last 5k by almost a minute!!!!!!!

That is right. You heard me. I beat myself. LOL Today I ran the Turtle Krawl, to help the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. My last 5K was on July 3rd, the Firecracker. My time then was 36:45.0 and my average pace was 11:50 minute mile. Today my time was 35:49.1 and my average pace was 11:32 minute mile. And according to my Garmin, my best pace during the run was 8:33 minute mile. That sprained ankle didn't set me back much on my time. Now I just have to work on distance.

The ankle didn't swell up too much... just a little. But I iced it good and took a nap. :) Tomorrow is my group run. Coach Rick says 5 miles. Lets see how I do. I am ready. I feel good. Hell! I feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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