Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Garmin forerunner 305

Today was an exciting day. Today is the day I decided to buy my dream gps watch. The coveted Garmin Forerunner 305. After much research and months of debate I bit the bullet. I wanted so badly to use it on my run tonight. But when I got it out of the box the first thing the instructions said was to plug it in and charge it for 3 hours. So by 10:30 tonight it will be charged up and ready to go. But by 10:30 tonight I will be on my own charger (my pillow) and so not ready to go. So the anticipation will have to wait until the morning. I can't wait to get up. I won't run of course. But I can still use the watch. Yes I will use my fancy gps watch to map out the same mile I walk every morning. LOL

As for my workout today... This morning I got up and walked one mile. This evening I jogged/walked 4 miles in 1 hour 58 seconds. I did a little tempo running. 4 minutes of faster running along with slower runs and walks. My ankle seemed to be doing fine with the faster bursts. I think it is ready to start taking on a little more speed work. Of course I say that now as I get ready to ice it. We'll see how it does in the morning.

Sweet dreams. As for me I will be dreaming of my Garmin. :)

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