Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let your conscience be your guide Jiminy Cricket

In this case my body is my conscience. And my body is saying I need a rest day today. Well I did get up early and ride my bike for about 1/2 hour before church this morning. But then that was all she wrote. (well actually I'm still writing) Saturday zapped my energy and then I got the female thing going on. Usually I plan on Monday's and Fridays being my rest days... but I have learned to listen to my body. If I feel really tired I know not to push it. Because if I do I usually end up with a cold. And if I listen to my body and rest when it needs it I usually feel stronger the next day and have a really good run.

Now I am not saying that you need to rest every time you feel tired; sometimes you do have to push yourself. But you have to know when it is a case of laziness or if it is a case of needing real rest. If your body needs rest and you don't let it you will not give your muscles time to repair. You need rest to grow strong. But it is important to know the difference between really needing rest and just plain laziness. For example, I know I need the rest today because it is only 7:30 pm and I am planning on going to bed. Now, if I don't feel like working out tomorrow I will push myself because I know I had plenty of rest today.

So it is very important to push your self hard, but it is also important to rest and give your body time to repair. It is good to have scheduled rest days, but I have learned to be flexible to change that schedule so I can rest when I really need it the most. So sweet Dreams.... and yes I really do believe that dreams can come true. My dream is to run a marathon at Walt Disney World!!!

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