Thursday, June 24, 2010

fancy pants

Ok I learned a valuable lesson. Being so excited about my new running life I went to the local store and bought a cute little running outfit. You know the kind, the top with the matching shorts. Well my first run in them was a disaster. The first 2 miles were ok, But by the third my inner thighs were sore. The cute little shorts with the cute little stitched border around the leg was actually trying to see saw my leg. I mean there was blood and everything. So I researched online for jogging shorts that would not try to cut you in half. And I found out that many professional runners use.... Angels singing the Hallelujah chorus in the background... COMPRESSION SHORTS. So I went to the local sports store and tried some on.... Hallelujah chorus again. OK they are not and I repeat NOT cute. But then what is cute about blood, sweat and tears. They fit tight and are purposely made to show every bulge and wrinkle. But they are so comfortable. They are the holy grail of running shorts. They are expensive, very unflattering, obnoxious and the most wonderful thing I bought in years. Although they look hideous on they are truly a wonderful thing. So if you plan on running long miles or are overweight and trying to go for walks, look into buying some compression shorts. They will keep your inner legs from rubbing against each other and I promise no more chafing.

Ok now for my progress today. I got up early this morning but my knees were bothering me. I ran 2 miles in about 30 mins. That was all my knees would allow. Tomorrow, Friday, is my rest day. But I am scheduled to run 6 miles on Saturday. I'll let you know how it turns out. But you can rest assure I will have my compression shorts on. :)


  1. Miss FANCY PANTS.....please add photos to your blogs if you can - to bring it to life!

    xoxo Good Luck! (miss ya tons)