Monday, June 28, 2010

I think I joined a gym

I know how can I not be sure. You either join a gym or you don't. Well I got this 7 day free trial thingy. And So I decided what the heck. My knee has been bothering me and I decided this week to not run on pavement. I figure pounding my knee on asphalt every day may not be helping the situation. And the elliptical machine is basically no impact. So I dragged myself to the gym and fell in love. One hour on the elliptical and I was hooked. That one hour was pure joy and bliss. So I figure I'll take the gym up on the 7 day thing and see how my knee feels.

Now I have a 5K on Saturday. The firecracker race. I am so excited. I even talked a few coworkers to join me. So I have this little experiment. If I don't run all week and just do the elliptical and bike, lets just see what my time will be on the 5k Saturday morning. hmmmm. This will be very interesting. And the other experiment is to see if I can wear the compression shorts without getting arrested.

And yes after the 7 day trial period is up... I will join the gym. Or Jiminy Cricket will be chirping in my ear.

Oh and just for the record, my knee injury was not caused by running. It is a cubical injury. Yes you heard me right. You see I am stuck in a cubical for 40 hour a week, and I got into the habit of slouching in my chair and pressing my foot up against the back wall of the cubical under my desk. I know this is what caused the injury because I did this once before. I know its embarrassing. The only person I know to have a cubical injury, and although I am ashamed I didn't want you saying... "see running is bad for your knees".... because I think if you do it right and are careful you can run injury free. Working injury free in a cubical is another story.

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